How to Stop Renting and Buy a home of your Own..... Quickly and Easily....! 

Using Zero Down Home Loans and or Government Grants! 

Up to Date Information about home buyer grants and the loan options available for first time home buyers. 

The most popular Zero Down home loan is the USDA loan, which is a home loan backed by the Federal Government's Dept of USDA. The loan is designed to help home buyers in designated rural areas buy just about any home to live in with ZERO Down Payment. There are no special requirements for this loansa can be used for just about any house priced under $430,000 in a significant portion of Maryland. The down payment on this loan in $0. To find out if the area you are looking to buy a home in is part of the USDA covered area, simply reply to this email with the town(s) / area(s) you want to live and I will tell you if it's part of the USDA Program. 

The other most popular type of loan in the area is the Federal Government's FHA Loan, this loan is available on any home priced under $600,000. There are no special requirements for this loan. The down payment on this loan is only 3.5% of the sales price. 

Both of these loans are very easy to get approved for and you do not need perfect credit to use them. In fact, if your credit score is above a 640, you can very likely get approved for this loan as long as you do not have any past due credit / debt accounts.

The state of Maryland has about 15 different Home buyer Grants and Home Buyer Assistance Programs available to home buyers who do not currently own a home. The grants and assistance programs can help you with as little $5,000 and as much as 6% of the sales price for your down payment, and closing costs.

Most home buyers will qualify for the 6% program which will cover ALL the down payment and just about all the closing costs. 

If you qualify for more than one grant program, they can be used together.  You can learn more about these programs at MMP ( There is no need to try and figure out which of the grants you qualify for because I can connect you with someone who can do this for you at no cost or obligation. 

One thing to note, our real estate market is currently shifting from a crazy seller's market to a buyers' market. Homes are sitting on th market longer and some sellers are reducing home prices to incentivize buyers to buy their home. This creates a great opportunity for buyers to actually get a deal on a home. 

The easiest way to find out which programs you are qualified for is to speak with State of Maryland Approved Grant Provider and Mortgage Lender. We know 3 of them in the local area who can approve you in less than 15 minutes. 

If your ready to get started call us or text "Grants" to 443-775-3311 or fill out the form below to get the information emailed to you. 
Get More Info and Approved for the Grants
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